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Butterfly Blue Pea Flower (1.5 oz)

Butterfly Pea flowers are extremely rich in antioxidant compounds, called ternatins. As well as being the reason for the bright color, ternatins have also been shown to alleviate inflammation and prevent cancer cell growth. It is also rich in other healing antioxidants, including kaempferol, known for fighting cancer-cells, p-coumarin acid, know for being anti inflammatory, anti microbial, and antiviral, and Delphinidin-3,5-glucoside, known to boost immune function and fight cancer cells. The presence of these antioxidants leads to many health benefits.

When steeped in boiling water, the Butterfly Pea flower has a strong blue color, which in itself is unique compared to other teas. The magic comes when lemon, or another form of acidity, is added and turns the tea from blue to a bright violet. The lemon changes the pH level of the tea, leading to the change in color. This unique quality has led to Butterfly Pea becoming quite popular around the world, and even becoming a staple for expert mixologists and chefs who use it to shock patrons with naturally color changing cocktails or brightly colored foods.

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower (1.5 oz)

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