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Launched in November 2018, My Tea Bar is a modern Miami tea company. We use seasonal high-grade ingredients and teas. 


We aim for an experience combining a minimalistic, and natural aesthetic with the community of a small business. 


After overcoming to breast cancer, our founder Mariedna Castro, wanted to reinvent her life by creating a business with purpose. 


The health and tranquility of tea seemed like the logical answer. It was also the perfect way to honor how tea helped her so much during those days through cancer treatment, as tea has plenty of benefits (antioxidants) that make your immune system stronger. It was as if the tea healed her body and soul. 


After tea itself was engraved and introduced to our every day lives, it was then easy to introduce it to our professional life, as we wanted to share our passion for it! 


My Tea Bar then began with a cart in a pop-up event, in Pinecrest, Florida. The idea of being able to bring tea to the world, and share our favorite blends, was one that needed to be brought to fruition. A few months later, we opened our first store in The Falls Miami, bringing our teas to all our local community and visitors. 


We are focused in offering loose leaf teas, drinks and a healthy food menu perfectly paired as an alternative to our community for a conscious living. In My Tea Bar, every sip and every bite will bring you just “good stuff” as our customers said. 


Since consuming tea is a historical social activity, we are also very social and we often partner with local business, suppliers and collaborators to source our store; making this way of My Tea Bar a pleasant local experience for you. 


That’s also why at My Tea Bar, we are welcoming to all, and want to serve as a place for collaboration, creativity, and purpose, all over a cup of tea! Let us serve you one!

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